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Want to get to know someone who understands you? Want to find a friend that you can act like a 7 year old at a slumber party with? Like trading make up? Are you in the know about the seasons hottest colors? Are you big and beautiful? Well, this community is for you..

This community is a girly girl package exchange for the bigger girly girls. (cause every body knows, no body knows what a big girl likes, like a big girl)

Community Rules and Proceedures
Since this community is new, I have not made many rules, I am open to suggestions, however
I do have a few requests..

1- If you find a package exchange partner and you fail to send your package you will be banned from the community.

2- Have fun, Bond, make a friend or five ;)

3- This isnt a trading community, like, so and so should not post an ad to trade mascara or sell mascara that she does not like and wants to get rid of. There are already plenty of communities for that.

All questions can be sent to-


Please Email this survey filled out to me, for records.
Also if you feel like it, post it as an entry for other members to see.

LJ user name:

Body type:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin type (oily, dry, combo, acne prone.etc...):


Beauty products you cant live with out:

Beauty products we would most likely find in your trash can:

Scents you like:

Scents you dont:

Color preferences for -

Allergic to any thing your partner should know?

Would you prefer smaller packages more often or larger packages with more time in between?

Do you insist on NEW stuff, or is it okay if your partner buys something and doesnt like it too well, but thinks you will and sends it to you?

Is it okay if your partner is from another country?

Anything else you want to add?

Mailing address: (seen by me and your partner only, do not include this in your public post)

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